Video or no Video on Your Wedding Day?

Is it worth the investment?

When I sit down to meet with brides, the question always comes up of whether or not to hire a videographer for their wedding day.  For those that are leaning towards not having videography, I commonly hear things like “It’s not in our budget”, “We’ll never watch the video”, “Is it really that important?”.  I always explain to couples that a great photographer is important, but there are things that photography cannot capture.  Video will showcase music and favorite songs, wedding vows, toasts from loved ones, the first dance, and all guests’ candid comments and interactions with each other.  A wedding video captures the special sounds, music, and words of the wedding day, and after the big event is over that took so much planning, all a bride and groom will have is their photos and video.  Even if a video is watched every 5 years, a couple will cherish reliving all the moments and memories from the big day, a day that sometimes rushes by too quickly.  A good wedding videographer is worth the investment, as wedding day memories are priceless.