5 Tips for a Parent’s Wedding Toast

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With all the tears, grimaces, and drunken tirades we’ve witnessed, here are our top 5 tips for a successful Parent’s wedding toast:

  1. Write the toast ahead of time.  For those that speak off the cuff and don’t have a plan, we’ve seen rambling that has gone way too long, with no end in sight.  Consider everyone’s attention span and the fact that dinner could be served cold if you run too long.
  2. It’s not about you.  This is not a time to show off, self-laud, or steal the limelight.  It’s about your child, so make sure this is reflected in your words.
  3. Don’t share ill feelings.  This is not a time to let everyone know about your initial disdain for your child’s spouse, or share mortifying stories about your child.  Please hash out bitterness in private, not publicly in front of all your family and friends.
  4. Save the heavy drinking for later.  Too much alcohol can cause a toast to go south quickly.  If you are nervous about public speaking, then have one drink to help you relax but save the alcohol for later when you don’t have a live mic in your hand.
  5. Keep it short and sweet.  Telling your child’s entire life story is not necessary nor does anyone want to hear it on wedding day.  Here is our suggested guideline if you are unsure of what to say:
    • Welcome and thank everyone for coming (if you are hosting the wedding or the first one to speak)
    • Share a special memory of your child
    • Share your well wishes and encouragement for the newlyweds’ marriage
    • Ask everyone to raise their glasses and join you in a toast!

Cheers to a successful wedding toast!

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