Brides’ Biggest Regrets: Not Hiring a Wedding Videographer


For years I’ve heard brides talk about the same regrets.  When investing in the biggest celebration of your life, you don’t want to have regrets, especially if they are preventable.  Here are the top 3 regrets I hear from brides over and over and over again:

– “I wish I hired a videographer”

– “I wish I hired a professional photographer”

– “I wish I hired a wedding coordinator

Each of these regrets deserves a separate blog post, so today we’re talking about videography.  Why don’t brides hire a wedding videographer?  I hear these same reasons all the time:

– “I don’t think we will watch the video”

– “We have no more money”

– “We hired a photographer, so we are fine”

Of course, a professional photographer is a wise investment.  When your big day is over, you will only have your memories left – photos, video, and a few special mementos.  A talented photographer is worth their weight in gold, but there are some things a photographer can’t capture that a videographer can.  A wedding videographer will showcase your music and favorite songs, your ceremony vows, toasts from loved ones, dancing, and all the candid comments throughout the day.  Photographers get great snapshots and moments of your day however, a videographer captures the motion and soundtrack of your day: when you walk down the aisle, when you and your fiance look into each other’s eyes and recite your vows to one another, when your father gives his speech, when you have your first dance as husband and wife, when a guest gets crazy on the dance floor sending everyone into a round of applause.  You want those moments to be captured and cherished forever, not soon forgotten.  A wedding day rushes by quickly, and the bride and groom can’t be everywhere to see everything.  Video captures all the sights and sounds, allowing you to remember and relive these amazing moments and memories for the rest of your life.  Even if you only watch your wedding video every 5 or 10 years, you will always have it, and can share the special memories with your children one day.  A good wedding videographer is worth the investment, as wedding day memories are priceless.